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  • Preserving the Past
  • Facilitating the Present
  • Protecting the Future

Owning or managing an estate or a garden is all about its heritage –
everyone knows that gardening is for future enjoyment!

But what about the future owners?
What about your legacy that is represented in your estate or garden?
The ideal would be to have:
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Fully searchable records of the past – fully protected against any form of failure

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Up to the minute records of the present – again, fully searchable in every possible way

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Alerts and reminders of everything that needs to be done day to day

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A pictorial record of every individual plant and object in the garden

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The ability – when and if required – to create a printed album from your data

SDS Gardens & Horticulture offer all of this for whatever the size or complexity of your land

Preserve the Past

Preserve the Past

Depending on what you have “inherited” you will have at least some of the following items – which we will scan, digitise, atomise and create a totally searchable “Living Database” from what was, in effect, dead data.

Every plan (buildings as well as land) will be secured in this way – as will every record that you can find detailing changes, additions, removals, intentions, costs and budgets. The entire history of your land and everything on it, as far back as can be found...

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Facilitate the Present

Facilitate the Present

Depending on what you have “inherited” you will have at least some of the following items – which we will scan, digitise, atomise and create a totally searchable “Living Database” from what was, in effect, dead data.

Of course “the past” ended just a millisecond ago! But let’s not be too pedantic – we are looking at what you, and those who actually manage or run your estate or garden for you (if applicable), need to know and do on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Of course you may well know what to do – but what if you are away or are no longer in a position to carry all this data in your head? What if those to whom the responsibility of maintaining the property retire or move on? What happens when you decide to hand over the ownership (either selling or leaving to others) – where is all of that expert knowledge...?

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Protect the Future

Protect the Future

None of us knows exactly what is around the corner – but we can prepare for most eventualities.

Your property and its surrounding land may be hundreds of years old – or be very modern. It may have a long-established history or may have undergone a major change relatively recently – or you may have started from a new site and a blank piece of paper. But in all cases you would like what you pass on to be looked after properly – or at least approached with real knowledge of what was there before and why it was in that specific layout...

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Examples of our work

Football at Rugby by E.Harwood (1859)

Football at Rugby

“Football at Rugby” by E. Harwood (1859). Painted from the elevated position of “the mound”, one of the early games goals is still engulfed in trees to this day. Original oil painting scanned by the SDS Gardens & Horticulture for Rugby School. This hangs in the President’s office of the RFU at Twickenham.

Haileybury College (published in 1810 by Thomas Medland)

Haileybury College

Aquatint of the “South Front” of what is now Haileybury College (published in 1810 by Thomas Medland). Designed by William Wilkins between 1805-1806 as the East India Company’s College, the building and estate were taken over by Haileybury College in 1862. Original scanned by SDS Gardens & Horticulture.

The Master’s Garden designed by Sir Herbert Baker

The Master’s Garden

The Master’s Garden (designed by Sir Herbert Baker) was in fact the Common Room Garden. It is located next to the Common Room Building in the north of the current school site. The garden was created and still exists today. The original plans are part of the archives of Haileybury, which are currently being digitised by SDS Gardens & Horticulture.

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