Facilitating the Present

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Facilitating the Present

Of course “the past” ended just a millisecond ago! But let’s not be too pedantic – we are looking at what you, and those who actually manage or run your estate or garden for you (if applicable), need to know and do on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

You may be so versed that you very well know what to do. But what if you are away, or are no longer in a position to carry all this information in your head? What if those to whom the responsibility of maintaining the property retire or move on? What happens when you decide to hand over the ownership (either selling or leaving to others)? Where will all of that expert knowledge go?

Some larger gardens and estates rely on enthusiastic helpers. How can their individual activity and detailed knowledge be recorded for future volunteers to take over?

Our system will allow you to capture every detail – right down to each individual plant – combining satellite positioning and tablet or smartphone photography. Thus you will have captured every item of interest and value (living plants, every type of building, sculpture and all other physical features) together with its exact location. Additionally, we can combine that information with the historical details peculiar to that spot.

Having captured the detail, we will provide you with a very simple method of adding further information, such as:

  • Cost of item
  • Provenance of item
  • Date of planting (or building)
  • Soil type and preparation
  • Watering requirements
  • Feeding requirements
  • Disease signs to look for
  • Pruning dates and methods, for example:
    • Flowers on last year’s growth
    • Cut hard back in dormant months
    • Mulch annually in Spring

Our system will automatically create alerts to remind whoever is responsible to carry out specified daily/weekly tasks. Bearing in mind the longevity of every living thing, some alerts can include warnings such as “this tree (or shrub) has a normal life of x years, so it is time to plant a replacement in Winter 2040”. Such things are frequently overlooked, resulting in gaps where gaps should not occur.

With the increasing emphasis on organic methods of weed killing, bug and disease control, the optimal times to use such methods can easily be included. Equally, you can include the individual times and warnings associated with non-organic methods, should they be necessary.

Building alerts can include:

  • Insurance cover renewals
  • Fire alarm checks
  • Window cleaning
  • Regular damage inspections
  • Re-painting schedules
  • Roofing renewals

Essentially, everything that should be done to maintain the building but that could be overlooked (especially where newly appointed individuals are concerned) can have an alert set for it.

The resultant database will also enable you to search by location, alphabetically by plant name, or which tasks are due, in order of their urgency or immediacy. And where buildings are concerned, everything to do with the legal, insurance and structural aspects, can be searched for as well.

Tablet showing garden estate archive log-in

Not only will this provide peace of mind, it will greatly assist in obtaining better insurance cover. And in the event of any form of disaster (fire, flood, storm damage, et cetera), you will have everything to hand – even if you cannot enter the premises. Plans and material information could even make the fire brigade’s job faster and more effective.

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